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Welcome to Shadow Lane Livery
Owned and operated by the Bensons, we take pride in the quality of care we offer horses and their owners. Shadow Lane Livery is located in the beautiful Niagara region situated in the quiet Hamlet of Elcho. The facility is centrally located to Smithville, Grimsby, Welland, St. Catharines, Dunnville, Cayuga and Hamilton. Starting at a young age Glenna has always been involved with horses. She has retired from showing and training and now offers a facility strictly for boarding. You may choose to bring in your own coach, ferrier or vet. Shadow Lane Livery offers a quiet serene adult facility for you to enjoy your equine friend.


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I have boarded at Shadow Lane Livery since June 2005. The care of the horses is shown in how well the horses look & feel. They are quiet, very friendly & extremely well looked after. Glenna goes way beyond the call of duty. There are lots of quiet places to trail ride as well as the large indoor arena. In the summer it is lovely to see the horses all grazing on large pastures with lots of room to roam. The barn is always clean & well kept. Friendship is another feature at Shadow Lane Livery. All the ladies are extremely friendly & everyone would go out of their way to help whenever needed. I highly recommend this family run facility.

Joan F

My two geldings have been at Shadow Lane Livery since October 2010. I am very pleased and impressed with Glenna's attention to detail in her care for them. I never have to worry about my horses when I am not there and I would recommend her facility to anyone looking for quality care! My two geldings are very happy turned out in the beautiful fields with the other geldings and they very much love the excellent hay! The barn is always neat and tidy and there is plenty of arena time and trails for hours of riding. Shadow Lane truly feels like a home away from home for me already and is a great place to come to relax and be with my horses. I look forward to boarding at Shadow Lane for many years to come!


"My horse is quite old - somewhere in the 35 year old range- so I needed a barn that could pay special attention to him. Since moving him into his new home - he has made new buddies, gained weight on a new diet, and never been friskier! I feel comfortable that when he does go to horsey heaven, he went with a happy heart. ShadowLane is the the best barn I've had my horse at and that is because Glenna is one of the most attentive people I've ever met!"

Heather O

I have been with Glenna since September 2009 and am quite confident in saying that I will never leave this boarding facility for as long as I am in the Niagara area. Glenna gives the utmost care to all of the horses and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the horses and boarders are as happy and content as they possibly can be! I own a VERY hard keeper and he is happy and healthy and in excellent condition, all due to Glenna's individual feed program and the extra care and attention she gives him. The facility is very well taken care of and super clean. There is a beautiful cover all arena and acres and acres of lovely fields, and excellent newly built shelters for the horses and miles of trails to hack on.All the boarders are super friendly and down to earth and I trust Glenna completely to take the best care of my guys at all times when I am not there.In the time I have been at Shadow Lane, Glenna has become an exceptional friend and she will find that she will be stuck with me and my horses forever!! :)

Jen Wood

I have had my four boys at Shadow Lane since March 2010 and they have never been healthier or happier. They are calm, well fed and loved like they are her own. We have never had that at any other facility. Stalls are always cleaned and I have seen Glenna check each horse over and bend over backwards to make sure every single horse gets its own special needs and attention. She's the best! I'd move in if I could.

Sharon Lounsbury

Having been to numerous barns throughout the years of horse ownership, keeping my horse with Glenna has been the most relaxing and worry free. Glenna has accommodated George even though he has recently gone blind, and has also helped me out tremendously with him.. A great place to have your horse!

Catharine Nicholson

My horse Raven and I are so happy here. Glenna is so knowledgeable about the care of horses and I really appreciate that because I am just learning. Glenna is so approachable about anything. I feel so confident about my little mare getting the care she deserves and I love the group of ladies that board there, they are all good horsewomen and they are all nice ladies.

Judy Christner

Shadow Lane Livery is a beautiful farm built and maintained truly for the comfort of the horse. My 22 year old gelding has been on the farm for over 5 years now ( 2005), and he couldn’t be happier as he has large paddocks to run in, good hay, feed and the utmost care and attention provided by Glenna. Glenna is not only knowledgeable in horses but is the true definition of a horsewoman and I wouldn’t trust anyone more with the care and safety of my horse. I would recommend boarding at shadow lane livery to anyone who wants a happy content horse.

Meaghan McIntyre

My 2 horses receive superb care at Shadow Lane Livery. Both were underweight when I purchased them (one was a rescue) and Glenna's care and individualized feeding has transformed them into beautiful horses. The large amount of safe, secure turnout enables them to truly be horses, rather than being cooped up in a stall all the time. And most important, the friendship, help and concern for the boarders themselves is truly exceptional!

Linda S

Melissa & Charlotte Shandala
My mother Charlotte and I have boarded our 3 horses at Shadow Lane Livery for the past 4 years. When we came to Glenna's barn we were looking for a quiet friendly place, and that's exactly what we found.

We have 2 geldings and 1 mare. There has been no other places we have boarded that we felt this confident and comfortable with who is taking care of our horses. Glenna treats every horse as her own, she is never afraid to step up when the owner is unable to make it. She puts ease to the boarders minds knowing she is there 100% in the best interest of the horse.

The facility is kept clean and all members are outgoing and kind. Our horses have never looked this good and you can tell how truly happy they are. On the nice summer days you can see them all together grazing out on the open field. This facility is truly a keeper and so are the people who tend to it.

Our hats go off to Shadow Lane Livery - it couldn't be a better place to enjoy friendships and the comfort of your horses.

Shadow Lane Livery has become a home away from home for myself and my horse. I felt safe and comfortable leaving my 20 year old quarter horse in Glenna's caring and capable hands when I went to university. When he was sick, Glenna tended to his every need. If it is a quite, homey and well run wonderful equine facitlity you are looking for, you will find it at Shadow Lane Livery. I encourage anyone looking for a quality home for their horse to look at Shadow Lane Livery.

Sonja Christopherson
I boarded two of my horses at Glenna’s facility for 2 years. My daughter and I ride western pleasure, and at the time one of my horses had an issue with his leg that necessitated extra care. Glenna gave us good advice on feeding and using supplements to help combat the effects of arthritis. She was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the animals got the best of care.

We were never restricted from seeing our horses because of barn hours, and the stalls were large and well kept. The property has a huge, well lit, indoor arena which was always a pleasure to use. And, because of the size, there was never an issue of too many people using it at the same time.

Glenna has a true passion when it comes to horses. She treats all horses in her care as if they are her own. They were checked regularly in the paddock and were given good grade hay with plenty of grazing in the summer.

I left her facilities because I wanted to work with a trainer in another city. However, I would not hesitate going back, or recommending her facility to anyone looking for boarding.

Kait W
I boarded my Hanoverian dressage gelding at Shadow Lane Livery for two years. He arrived there with an existing injury and required stall rest and special attention. He was looked after as one of their own and I never had to worry about the care he recieved while there.
Shadow Lane is a very safe and happy place for your horse to live, and it's low key environment allows for lots of arena time. I would highly recommend Shadow Lane to any horse owner of all disicplines.

Lara Thompson
Having leased a horse boarded at Shadow Lanes Livery, I can definitely attest to the fact that Glenna Benson runs an excellent equestrian facility. She certainly goes the extra mile to ensure that the horses under her care are happy and healthy. No matter what their age, breed or health level they all get individualized care and attention. She is also in tune with the needs of her boarders and strives to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Happily, I was able to purchase the horse I formerly leased and I have to say she is one of the most relaxed, well-adjusted mares I have ever known, due in no small part I am sure, to the quality of life she experienced at Shadow Lane.

Karen Berg
"Cody" came to Shadow Lane Livery to RETIRE ! and I came for the warm FRIENDSHIP ! I'd like to THANK Glenna for all her time and hard work looking after Cody's special needs ! It means the world to me! This truely is a "HOME" that caters to the needs of the horses and nurtures a friendship from that.



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